Station 14


300 NW California Boulevard

Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986

Phone: 772-621-3514


Fire Station 14 was built in 1999. Station 14 has one of the department's largest geographic response areas. At that time, the area was sparsely populated, and had minimal commercial or industrial areas. Through the years, the area experienced an exponential growth of people, business, and enterprise. The response area extends east to Cashmere Blvd, west to Glades Cut-Off Rd, north to Midway Rd, and south to Del Rio Blvd and includes St. Lucie West, PGA, and Torino. There are numerous large business/industrial occupancies and large retail buildings and plazas. There are several medical facilities, eight (8) large apartment complexes, (7) seven churches, ten (10) academic schools, one (1) university campus, eight (8) hotels, and a professional sports stadium. The response area is divided by Interstate I-95 and is diversely interspersed with undeveloped land.

Station 14