Station 10


777 SW Dalton Circle
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953


Station 10 is located at 777 Dalton Circle and its first due response area includes the area east of the FL Turnpike from the C-24 Canal South to Floresta Boulevard, East to PSL Boulevard, North West to Airoso Boulevard, North to Thornhill Drive, West the Turnpike. West of the FL Turnpike it includes North to the Crosstown Parkway, West to Cashmere Boulevard, South to Del Rio Boulevard, West to California Boulevard, South to Catalina Terr. To Bradway Lane to the C-24 Canal, east to Savona Boulevard, South to canal 3 blocks South of Gatlin Boulevard, east to PSL Boulevard, South to Darwin Boulevard, Southeast to Tulip Boulevard, South to Parr Drive and back to the turnpike.
Station 10