Plan for Evacuation

When you evacuate, you may wish to take some of the supplies listed on the Before the Season Begins page, but don't take more than you can carry. If you are going to a public shelter, the most important items are your medications, a blanket, portable radio, clothes, small packaged quick-energy foods like raisins and granola bars.

Plan Ahead

  • Keep your gas tank full during hurricane season
  • Make advance plans to stay with friends or relatives living out of the hurricane's path.
  • Learn the recommended evacuation routes in your area.

Stay Aware of Weather Conditions

  • Listen to a daily weather forecast during hurricane season.
  • Hurricane Watch does not mean unstable conditions are imminent. However, you should take preparatory action.
  • Stay tuned to local stations.

Review Plans

Check your emergency supplies, placing them in or near your car or front door. Store away all objects on your lawn or patio which could be carried by the wind. Gather up important papers:
  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Wills and insurance policies
  • Deeds
  • Stock Certificates

When a Storm Threatens

  • Evacuate if you are in an evacuation zone or modular home.
  • Stay tuned to local stations.
  • Contact your partner and review your plans.
  • Be sure your car is fueled and ready to go.
  • Leave early! Do not wait and get stranded in a traffic jam.
Do not stay in a modular home during a hurricane. Even if it is anchored and shuttered there is no guarantee it will withstand the strong winds or a hurricane.