Community Risk Reduction Division

Plans Review

The Bureau staffs a full-time Plans Examiner. The Plans Examiner is responsible for ensuring that all new commercial construction, multi-family residential construction, and fire protection system plans are reviewed for fire and building code compliance prior to the issuance of permits.
The Plans Examiner works closely with his/her counterparts in the Building Departments of the City of Fort Pierce, the City of Port St. Lucie and St. Lucie County in order to maintain consistent standards across jurisdictional boundaries.


Fire Inspections & Investigations

The Division staffs five State-certified Fire Safety Inspectors. Each of the inspectors is responsible for inspecting both new and existing commercial and multi-family residential occupancies for life safety compliance throughout the county. 

These dual-function personnel also perform Fire Investigations. In this role, each of the investigators is responsible for determining the origin and cause of all fires that occur within the District. The Bureau, also called the Fire Marshal's Office, works closely with the State Fire Marshal's Office when investigating and prosecuting arson cases.

Any company wishing to submit plans for Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler or Fire Suppression must be registered with The Compliance Engine database.
Plans from companies not registered will not be processed until registration is complete and verified. Visit



The Community Risk Reduction Division operates under the direction of the Fire Marshal. Its mission is to improve public safety and decrease loss of life and property through effective public education, fire inspections, and enforcement programs. 

Department Functions

The Captain of the Fire Prevention Bureau, under the direction of the Fire Marshal, Captain Paul Langel, supervises three related functions: Plans Review, Fire Inspections and Fire Investigations. 
  1. Kelly Machado

    Staff Assistant

  2. Community Risk Reduction Division

    Physical Address
    5160 NW Milner Drive
    Port Saint Lucie, FL 34983

    Phone: 772-621-3322
    Fax: 772-621-3604
    Emergency: 911

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