1. Administration

    View information regarding the Clerk Treasurer, Fire District Attorney, Chief Officers, and Medical Director.

  2. Air Rescue

    High quality air medical transport is accomplished through a partnership between the St. Lucie County Fire District and Air Methods Corporation.

  3. Ambulance Billing

    The Ambulance Billing Department processes billings for emergency ambulance transports in St. Lucie County in a timely and efficient manner.

  4. Building & Grounds

    The Buildings and Grounds department is responsible for repairs and upkeep of the Fire District buildings; including, the fire stations and the administrative complex.

  5. Finance

    Specific tasks in the Finance Department include: accounting for and investing all District funds, monitoring and approving all expenditures, issuing checks, preparing payroll, developing operating and capital budgets, compiling annual financial statements, maintaining fixed asset records, performing special analysis/management studies and maintaining the official records of the District.

  6. Fleet Maintenance

    The Fleet Maintenance Department is responsible for maintenance and repair of 128 Fire District vehicles.

  7. Human Resources

    Human Resources provides the organizational function that deals with compensation, hiring, performance management, organizational development, updating job descriptions, employee evaluations, safety, workers' compensation, benefits, legal compliance, communication, administration and training.

  8. Information Technology

    The IT Department provides the Fire District data and voice communications services.

  9. Logistics

    The Logistics Department is responsible for the complete procurement of the Fire District; including the research, purchases, warehousing, and distributing of medical, office and janitorial supplies, uniforms and bunker gear.

  10. Public Records

    The St. Lucie County Fire District (SLCFD) Records Department is responsible for keeping the Fire District in compliance with Florida's Open Records Laws.